AA online meetings via Phone

It’s possible to dial into a zoom meeting rather than connect via a PC or an App on a device.

Dial in via phone if:

  • You only have a landline
  • Your internet connection is unreliable 
  • Your have no data connection on your phone or it is too expensive while roaming.

Finding a Zoom ID number:

First, find the Zoom ID Number of the meeting you want to attend on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia website Find Meeting page or an alternative list.

Dial in to a meeting:

Once you find the ID number dial one of these Australian  phone numbers:

(08) 7150 1149 
(02) 8015 6011 
(03) 7018 2005

If you are not in Australia you can find a local number to use here https://zoom.us/zoomconference

Enter the Zoom ID:

When prompted, enter the Zoom Meeting ID number followed by the hash key #.

Password (if there is one):

If the meeting has a password, you’ll be prompted to enter the meeting password.

If the password is not numeric, you will not be able to access the meeting via a phone.
Note: This is a restriction introduced by Zoom in October 2020. Prior to this, it was possible to enter non-numeric passwords using a phone keypad.

Muting/unmuting yourself:

After you’ve dialed in, you can put your phone on mute until you are speaking. 

*6 to mute, *6 to unmute.

Raising your hand:

While participating in the meeting, you can raise your hand to indicate to the chairperson that you want to speak. 

*9 to raise hand, *9 to lower hand. 

Additional information:

 See Zoom help page – Joining a meeting by phone