Helping AA Members in Australia Navigate Online  

This website contains information on how to attend, host and moderate AA meetings online.

Zoom guide for AA members

Information and suggestions for those attending, hosting or moderating an AA meeting using Zoom. 

Information on Skype meetings is here.



For those attending a meeting

How to attend a Zoom meeting online

Get connected to AA meetings online by following these simple steps

How to attend a Zoom meeting from a phone

If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet, you can still attend AA meetings via phone

For those hosting a meeting

Setting up to host a secure AA meeting

How to set up an AA meeting so that it’s a safe place for those attending

Does my meeting need a passcode?

Zoom Passcode options for AA Groups

How to schedule a weekly Zoom meeting

How to set up an AA meeting on Zoom so that it runs at the same time every week

Moderating an AA meeting on Zoom

How to moderate a Zoom meeting so it runs smoothly

Dealing with zoom bomber attacks

How to deal with a brigade of trolls who are interupting your zoom meeting.

Helping AA Members Navigate Online

This site has been created and is maintained by AA volunteers as a service to help AA members in Australia.

Its purpose is to be a source of reliable information to help Australian AA members, committees and groups continue to carry the AA message online. Ever mindful of AA’s singleness of purpose, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of World Service, we hope this information will be useful and help AA reach the still-suffering alcoholic. 

We understand that every AA home group throughout Australia is entitled to shape their approach to meetings using the software and the settings that suit their needs. Therefore, this website is offered as a guide only, and its intention is to help strengthen the fellowship of AA and make it a safer place, as it quickly transitions to an online format.  


Here you will find answers to the most common questions from our members

The answers in this section are subject to change based on the individual Zoom settings of each AA online meeting.

How do I mute myself during a Zoom meeting?

There is a microphone icon that you are able to click during the meeting if they have not enabled the ‘mute all’ settings prior to entry. It will turn red with a cross though it if you are muted.

How can I unmute myself temporarily

You can unmute yourself temporarily during the meeting at any time by holding down the space bar and speaking. Please note that this will only work if the room has certain security settings allowed. 

How do I turn off my video?

If you do not wish to have your video on you can turn it off when entering your password to enter the meeting. There are two tick boxes below where you put in the password. Select ‘turn off my video’ before clicking next. To turn off your video in the meeting click on the video icon. 

Can people take screenshots on Zoom?

Although it is against the rules, people can still screenshot or record your meeting using third party software or even with a mobile phone. If you are concerned about this, we suggest turning off your video.

How do I put my hand up?

To raise your hand during a meeting first select the ‘participants’ button at the bottom of your screen. Once this is selected you will see a list of all participants. At the bottom of this list window will be a ‘raise hand’ button.

How do I give my number to a new comer?

Depending on the individual security settings of the meeting, you can send private messages via chat. 

How to contact the meeting host?

Depending on the individual security settings of the meeting you can send private messages via chat to the host.

Contact us

If you have any feedback or suggestions for our volunteers as it relates to AA meetings online, in this current environment, then send us a message.