Step 1

You will either need to be a host or co-host to moderate a meeting. Please select how to host a secure meeting or selecting a co-host on the home page if you are unsure how to do this. 

Step 2 Zoom meeting settings

Make sure that you have followed the instructions on how to host a secure meeting before beginning your meeting as a host or co-host as these settings are essential to your meeting running without interuptions.

Step 3 Manage Participants

Once you are a host or co host you have the ability to admit members into the meeting from the waiting room. To do this you will need to select manage participants on the bottom bar of your screen. 

Step 4 Waiting room

You can view all the participants waiting to join the meeting in the waiting room. From there you can admit or remove them by hovering over their name and selecting ‘more’ and then ‘remove’. 

Step 5 Moderating the Meeting

During the meeting the host can mute all members, admit members into the meeting from the waiting room who are late, remove participants, lock the meeting, unmute select members when they have been asked to share and unmute all members. To do this the host or co host will need to go to manage participants and follow the below steps.

Unmute all

Sometimes meetings like to have social time before or after the meeting, you can unmute all members by selecting the ‘unmute all’ on the manage participants page at the bottom.

Mute all

To mute all members you can select ‘mute all’ on the manage participants page on the bar next to ‘unmute all’ and ‘more’.

Removing Participants

This can be difficult depending on how big the meeting is as you need to find their user name. We suggest ‘muting all’ until you can find the participant to remove them. Once you find the username you can hover over their name and select ‘more’ and then ‘remove’ or ‘put in waiting room’.

Locking the meeting

Some meetings have decided to lock the meeting once the meeting is underway for added security (usually if they don’t have a co-host to screen people and let them in). To do this you can select manage participants, select the ‘more’ button on the bottom bar next to ‘mute’ and ‘unmute’ and then select lock meeting. You can also unlock in the same manner. All other settings in this section should be correctly set if you have followed the ‘how to host a secure meeting’ on the home page.